Uchideshi program

requirements Individuals who apply for the uchideshi program must put the dojo and their training above their own personal needs for the duration of their apprenticeship. The program is designed for individuals who have a strong desire to deepen their aikido practice.  It is not intended for people who are merely seeking a respite from their daily life.
  Applications will be considered for a period of up to three months; after this point, an interview will be conducted to evaluate the student's commitment to training. Uchideshi must:
·       Attend all classes at the dojo. This includes training in aikido, weapons. An average day entails approximately four hours of training, samu and self-study. 

·       Perform daily samu (work practice). Samu will include: cleaning, repairs to the dojo, tobon (cooking), and other necessary dojo-related projects. 

·       Attend seminars held while in our program   

 Applicants must be ranked 3rd kyu or above in Aikido and have a letter from their current instructor stating why they should be accepted as an uchideshi. The rest of the application must include: A letter stating the student's interest and intentions for training at the dojo. A résumé, including a history of education, profession, martial arts training, et cetera. A letter of recommendation from the student's present instructor (if applicable). Proof of emergency medical insurance coverage, which must be maintained throughout the term of the individual's training. Note: Students enroll in this program for varying lengths of time be respectful to your fellow.           
Tuition: $300 month $100 Week  $20 day 
Equipment: Uniforms and weapons are required and can be purchased if the student does not already have them: Gi: $75, Bokken and Jo: $150. Food: Uchideshi are responsible for the cost of food. Meals are usually communal and uchideshi take turns cooking. 
Laundry: The dojo is next to a laundry serves.